Celebrate the Moments

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So often we forget to appreciate and celebrate the things happening on a daily basis. Not just on a personal level but in our work environments too. From startups to corporations, there is continual focus, drive, and ambition to grow, execute, and build momentum. More conversations take place about what needs to be done, and what hasn’t been done, than what has been achieved and how it made a difference.

Today’s reminder is to slow down, press pause, breathe, and take stock of the great things you have achieved and accomplished individually and together. Really celebrate those moments!

I met with a group of 15 female entrepreneurs yesterday, we meet every quarter, and we are so supportive of each other. We talk about where our businesses are and what we need. From then onwards until we next meet we look to find ways to support each other - whether seeding leads, creating introductions, offering a listening ear, ideas, or being at events. In general, we are each other’s biggest supporters and cheer each other on in our missions. Yesterday was a true celebration - of making time to meet together, hearing each other’s progress, and celebrating the journeys we each are on. Thoughtfully marked and celebrated with little bottles of pink bubbles - cheers and thank you Marie!

Celebrating can happen in all sorts of ways. We hear stories of confetti rooms and drawers - where handfuls of confetti are thrown up in the air when team members celebrate a win, to a bell being rung when a new client signs, to monthly awards for teams who achieve daily meditations. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate, and indeed what to celebrate - the key is that you celebrate.

When you celebrate together, you remind yourselves to look for the positive events that have occurred. Your brain needs practice in this, it might take a bit of time if you’re not used to it, but the benefits multiply. You create more connections between each other, you remind yourself of your own capability, you stop critical self talk in its tracks, and you create genuine moments of feeling brighter and lighter. If you are in an office that is not celebrating, lead the way, don’t wait to be given permission, find ways to include everyone in creating a culture of celebration. Start small, create a week of celebration - celebrate one thing each day for a week. See what shifts as a result, is anything different? Have relationships improved? Have you had new ideas? You might be surprised.

By doing so you shift your mind, focus, and attention into finding meaningful and new ways to connect with each other, and along the way you’ll notice a difference in the way you feel.

Lighter, more joyful, feels like you’re able to take on the world?
That’s the kind of positive energy that inspires growth and momentum. Dare to celebrate and see what happens!

How does your office, studio, or work environment celebrate? How do you celebrate? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear more.