Friday Four No.11


Each Friday, I share “Four Things For Friday” that are a collection of things I’ve seen, heard, or experienced during the week. Thoughtfully chosen, and intended to spark your curiosity, imagination, or inspiration. HAPPY EXPLORING!


What lesson was I reminded of?

Forgiveness. Yes it’s a big one, and one we don’t talk about too often or openly.

You might have noticed (or maybe not) it’s been 3 weeks since I released a Friday Four. Why? The past few weeks have been incredibly hectic; filled with great experiences, lots of work, visitors, as well as fighting summer sickness bugs (yes, I’m probably burning the candle at both ends too much) and the weeks have flown by without a minute to spare.

Friday came around each week and I knew I’d committed to writing these, but I had no strength or energy to write them. So what did I do? I could have forced and pushed myself to write, to have written in a way that had the wrong energy behind it, to be bitter about having to write them, or behave begrudgingly towards the exercise, and I could have given myself an incredibly hard time!

Well, I did give myself a hard time for a while. My ego lurks like a shadow waiting to pounce, and when it pounces it goes to town. This time it began with comments of “Sarah, you committed to this, you have to write this content. People are expecting it, you’re expecting it. If you don’t write this you’re falling down on what you committed to. You’re not dedicated, you’re letting others down, you’re letting yourself down. You’re not a very good business owner, you’re not very professional are you, other people could do this easily so why can’t you?” Wow! My ego is a tough crowd eh. The comments got worse but I’ll spare you those! Fortunately I have learned how to tame my ego, but it did this for a few days until we had a chat.

I responded to my ego as if it were a 7 year old. I was kind, caring, loving and compassionate. I didn’t yell, raise my voice, or dig my heels in. Instead, I responded by sharing that sometimes life changes and evolves, and sometimes things aren’t possible in the way we have planned and that’s not a reflection on us. It’s ok that I’m not going to write this week and I don’t need to use up my energy being angry and frustrated at myself. I suggested that we (my ego and I) might even have fun together not writing and treating it as a mini summer break. So, after that chat my ego softened and decided to let it go. I forgave myself for not being able to write the Friday Four for 3 weeks and trusted that when the timing was right I would be able to once again write and publish and it would again be fun and enjoyable - and, today is the day!

Do you have a “friendly” ego? How often does your ego go to town on you, and how often do you forgive yourself?

The French Quarter. Charleston, SC.

What am I eating this week?

Avocado on Einkorn: I have long been a fan of avocado toast, but I’m mixing it up a bit this week.

The summer for me is filled with salads, I eat less and more regularly during July and August in New York as it’s just so incredibly hot and humid and there is no way the oven is going on.

Equally as the season begins to turn I start finding the need to tweak the dishes, and this dish has been a go to this week and it’s been munched 3 times already and I have to say it might even be dinner tonight.

The concoction?

  • A Nordic einkorn bread by Bread Alone

  • Mashed avocado with lemon juice, salt and pepper, and 1/4 teaspoon of Calabrian peppers for a touch of spice

  • Topped with sliced cucumbers and fresh basil.

Absolutely delish! Can’t get enough. If you give it a whirl, let me know what you think.

My garden. Ah, I wish! I imagine it as my garden though, and I appreciate the NYBG and all their care they put in to bring this to life.

My garden. Ah, I wish! I imagine it as my garden though, and I appreciate the NYBG and all their care they put in to bring this to life.

How did I recharge this week?


In the Garden. There is something about being in nature. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that it calms your whole body. To be in a garden, by a lake, by the ocean, on a beach, around greenery - even flowers at home - makes a difference to your body.

So this week, with family in town, we took a trip to the New York Botanical Gardens. It’s the closest thing I have to getting a dose of an English country garden, or visiting the gardens of some of the glorious National Trust, or English Heritage locations. Just some of things I miss about not being in England.


Walking the botanical gardens is so peaceful and recharging, and on Wednesdays, at the moment, it’s free! Plus the Hudson Garden Grill has the most delicious food, with a beautiful atmosphere and a wonderfully professional team. After the hectic three weeks, a day at the gardens was just the ticket.

Have you been to the New York Botanical Gardens? What did you think? What’s your favorite part?


What project was I working on this week?


The COPE Holiday Preview for Norsu Haus - At Norsu Haus, the other business I co-founded, we had an exciting week and were invited to participate at the holiday preview event organized every two years by the Council of Protocol Executives (COPE). COPE members have access to premier vendors, unique venues, and special event networking opportunities so we were absolutely thrilled to be invited. It was a special occasion.

07b7066a-8c93-40de-8620-e3addf25d4c9 2.jpg

We were able to highlight some of our amazing designers we partner with and talk to guests about the power of thoughtful gifting and show how stories, memories and moments can be made through a thoughtful gift which strengthens the relationship businesses have with their clients and employees.

Sarah on cloud 9.

Sarah on cloud 9.

The event was held 60 floors in the sky at Danny Meyer’s Bay Room. Stunning views of the New York skyline, paired with delightful food and beverages and an extraordinary group of partners and guests filled the room. The energy was high, the smiles wide, and even though we were exhausted at the end, we were walking on cloud 9 - literally!