Let Go


It feels good to hold on, doesn’t it? Yes! It feels safe, familiar, normal and gives a sense of being in control - most humans like that, a lot. That’s why change we view as happening ‘to us’ is so uncomfortable. There is comfort in the known, even if it’s an uncomfortable situation where we feel miserable or downtrodden, the risks are reduced because at least we know what we’re dealing with. The not knowing brings uncertainty and a level of discomfort that can bring physical and emotional unease.

However, holding on and not letting go is like filling your pockets and bags with stones and rocks that you carry around all day long, every day. It gets heavy, and you get tired. You’re not meant to be or wallow in that state.

You are meant to live an alive life, to experience, to grow, to be free to play, enjoy, and engage in your life in a way that feels magnificent - to you.

Today is the day you are encouraged to let go and move forward. It’s really easy to stay put, but learning how to let go of the things, ideas and beliefs that no long serve you is one of the greatest inspirational lessons you can give yourself. This is what happens when you do:

  1. You’ll enjoy your life more.

  2. You’ll move into a space that feels better to you. (Once you get past the temporary discomfort of letting go.)

  3. You’ll engage with people in a new way, and they’ll connect differently with you.

  4. You might move into a new job, role, or career which makes space for others to move into a new role, job or career they are longing for.

  5. You’ll discover new things about yourself, and be inspired by - yourself.

  6. You give yourself permission to move forward and grow, and your experiences will be on a new level.

  7. You encourage other people to reach for their dreams and desires.

  8. You’ll get good at letting go as you develop your “letting go” muscle.

Like our bodies, if you don’t move and exercise it, your muscles will atrophy. Letting go requires regular practice and it’s easy to slip back into holding on. Find ways that remind, encourage, and support you through letting go is an important exercise. Here are some ideas to help you.

  1. Write one thing each morning you want to let go of. When you physically write something your brain fires and triggers in a different way, compared to when you type. Sending a signal to your brain that you’re ready to let go of whatever it is you’ve written will begin the process, gently and subtly. Here’s a great two minute notebook that can help.

  2. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or fireplace, write what you want to let go of on a piece of paper, and then release it by burning it. (always being mindful of when and how you have a fire so that you, everyone, and everything around you remain safe.)

  3. Get a bowl of water, pop some stones at the bottom and leave it somewhere in your home or office. Buy some dissolving paper, and leave them next to the bowl with a pen. Whenever you notice something you need to let go of, write it on the paper, pop into the bowl, and see it dissolve and release with ease in front of your eyes. It’s a powerful visual and exercise that feels safe, and helps you move into a new space. Why not get creative and have one at work - invite anyone who visits, or goes past it to write down something they need to release and mark the occasion privately and personally.

  4. How do you know if you need to let go of something? Well, it’s a good question, but a quick test is to think of a topic, idea, or emotion. Does it feel expansive? or does it feel small and contracting? If it’s the latter then it’s likely that you need to find a way to let it go.

  5. Find a visual that resonates with you and inspires you. Consider the trapeze artist, they can not move forward on the bars without letting go. They must let go of the bar they have been holding onto in order to travel forward and meet the next bar. Keep that in mind. Start small, find little things to let go of, if you fall your safety net is there. Work up to the bigger things, find a way to keep practicing and getting better at letting go.

The 'Let go' bowl at Inscape.life in New York. Write down what you want to let go of and watch it dissolve.
Learning how to release.

Learning how to release.