Nature's Remedy


Have you noticed how you feel when you’re outside in a nature dominant space? By “nature dominant” I don’t mean just outside in the middle of a town or city (although that too does have benefits compared to being in the office) but when you’re in the countryside, by the sea, on a beach, or lake. There is a feeling that will wash over you if you let it.

That feeling is the natural rhythm of your body calming and resting. Being in the presence of such an expanse of outdoors is a gentle and kind way of reminding us mere humans that no matter how big in our boots we get there is still so much greatness and power out there in nature that no other human being can muster or create. It’s a humbling effect, in a really really good way. It’s a comfort and a soul nudge to bring us back down to the ground and re-root us in what is important.

Now, I know, recognize and acknowledge that not everyone has access and the freedom to be able to be outdoors whenever they would like, for a whole host of reasons. However, if you find yourself able to be outside daily, weekly, or monthly, then choose that option. Give yourself permission to be there. Choose to bask in the air, in whatever nature you can find. Stare at the sky for a few minutes from a window if you can’t find a way to be outdoors, then imagine yourself outside, your body and mind will respond and you have the power to conjure up those feelings of what it is to be outside. Here’s how we know that works, read about releasing anxiety.

Nature’s offer is to restore in one of many versions: A sandy beach with rolling waves, a backdrop of fluffy clouds, blue sky and sunshine. See the scape, hear the waves, feel the sand and sun on your skin. Wherever you are in nature, it naturally puts you into a state of being present, or being in the moment. Releasing the thoughts of before, or conjuring up ideas of the future. Just being contented with where you are, right this minute.

After a while in nature, not only does it help your body rebalance, you have a renewed spirit. One that feels, no matter what, you can achieve, do, be, or overcome anything. Worries get released and carried off by the wind and waves and all without trying.

Directions for use.

  1. Visit

  2. Come without effort or trying

  3. Come without expectation

  4. Bring your worries along for the ride. Even the grumpiest or unwilling of souls may feel a release while there (it might be not visible to others but those grumpy souls may consciously or subconsciously feel it - and that’s the most important part).

  5. Just allow the space to take care of you.

  6. Stay, rest awhile.

  7. Nature’s invitation to you: “Come, I’m waiting for you. I’d love to see you. Let me look after you for a while.”

Sarah Parkins