Thought Quality


A dose of inspiration for the day.

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There is much research, insight, and understanding now available that the quality of our thoughts affects our body and our overall life and work experiences. With the rise of stressed out, overburdened, burnt out individuals, we all need to be on the continual search for things that support us emotionally, mindfully, and physically. It doesn’t stop with just a search either, we need to give ourselves permission to try things out too - both individually and within our organizations and businesses.

We humans have a pre-disposed negative bias and if we’re unconscious to it, it can sneak up on us and effect the way we interact with people on a daily basis.

It can also effect the way we talk to ourselves - another much researched topic proving that negative self talk effects us emotionally, mentally, and how we interact with daily experiences of people, places, things.

Once we’re aware of our negative bias and thoughts we can do things to help keep them balanced and in check. Too much negativity doesn’t feel good. Many of us have experiences of what a negative culture feels like, and how much energy it takes to not let it effect you, and maintain healthy boundaries (boundaries is a whole other topic we’ll discuss in time).

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We also know a lot more about the affects of positive psychology too and how helping your brain to switch into gear of thinking positively not only affects you but those around you too. All of this is well and good but it takes daily practice and it means finding exercises and practices that work for you. If you’re lucky enough to be working in a culture that is aligned with your own desires and provides lots of ideas and opportunities for you to explore and support you in this, then are in a good place, but many business cultures struggle to even begin understanding what to do to help their employees and teams create positive shifts.

If you’re in a negative environments, don’t despair. Never underestimate the power of one. If you ever feel downtrodden or forget this important point, just consider the mosquito!

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We all respond to things differently, and that’s the beauty of our differences, yet it is our own individual responsibility to explore and find things that work for us. That takes commitment and you might be surprised to learn how few of us really put in the effort - even negative patterns can feel comfortable, even if we don’t like them. Change creates growing pains and it’s not always plain sailing, yet a ship was not meant to be built and sit in the harbor, it’s supposed to sail the great open seas - just like you! You are supposed to grow, explore, and live your greatest life. Be brave, you can do it.

Here is one idea to help start the day. Buy a pack of these cards and use them at home or in your office, studio, or co-working space. Why not get your colleagues involved and each pick one out every morning - you might be surprised by the effects. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The pack has four sections - Rest & Balance, Curiosity & Joy, Insight & Awareness, and Kindness. Pick a card and start the day with an inspired thought.

The quality of your life and work is a reflection of what's going on internally, so give your internal thoughts a boost and see what happens.