Stand Back

Stand back and admire the view.

How often do you take time to step back and admire the view? Whether that’s an actual view, or a metaphorical view of giving yourself time to assess and consider your achievements, your desires, or your intentions.

It’s easy to rush in life, it’s easy to be in a hurry, we say the words “I’m too busy” or “I’m so busy'“ regularly, without thought to what they are reinforcing in our own thinking or experiences. Instead, we could choose the words “I’m not prioritizing that right now.” or “I’m choosing to spend my time on X, Y or Z.”. The latter has more power to it. There is less victim mentality about those words, and more recognition and acknowledgement that you are choosing to devote your time to something out of choice, rather than from obligation that it is thrust upon you in some form and you are completely powerless. Many of us do have a choice and yet we willingly give it up!

It’s a true skill to be able to step back, take in and admire the view to see what is really there. It takes practice, and to begin with you go against the grain of your automatic thinking, and most likely against the grain of your social and work circles.

Give yourself permission to practice, rest into what is in front of you and soak it in. Acknowledge you are choosing it, and accept it. Even if it’s not where you want to be, consider it’s just a season and it will pass, things will change and evolve - whether you want them to or not.

When you stop pushing, hustling, fighting, and running all over the place trying to control things that are actually completely out of your control, everything around you will begin to adjust.

A great image to bring to mind is that while you are not admiring the view you are running all over the runway shouting at your own plane to “land here, land here”, as you feverishly run around on your runway pointing to where you want your plane to land. The pilot is thinking “Well, I really want to land there for you, but I can’t unless you get out of the way, so get off the runway!” Stand back and admire the view of this beautiful bird coming into land. Until you get out of your own way and surrender, things can’t unfold in the way you want.

You’ll be surprised what inspiration comes to you, how you see the world, and what you begin experiencing. Even if you’re skeptical, give it whirl, treat it as an experiment, commit to it, give it your all. Every successful entrepreneur knows that you have to be all in for creating and building a business, it’s hard work, can almost crush you at times, but you have to learn how to get out of your own way. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, we all benefit from taking time to reflect where we are and what we want.

Adjust the sails of your own boat, and you change the course of your direction and ultimately your destination.

Would you rather adjust your sails, or would you rather other people, or the wind and elements adjust them for you? You have a choice, and a decision not to decide what you want is also a decision. Choosing your own direction is more empowering than allowing someone else to decide for you. Yes it’s hard deciding, but the intensity of trying and committing to it is worthwhile because it brings results and most importantly it brings with it what you want, not what someone else wants.