Our Values



Values help support the mission and further inspire the culture and philosophies that the business has. Values can be long exhaustive lists which become more of a memory game for employees or confusing to clients. So we opted to keep it simple and focused on three core values that can inspire and remind us daily what we are striving for.



Keep dreaming and envisioning, without the power of dreams reality can not happen. Everything that exists first began as a dream.

We will always find time and space to foster and nurture our dreams. Our personal dreams and our collective dream for Birch Cove.

It is in dreaming that we create. It is key to the brilliance of our ideas and services, our growth as individuals, as a community and as a business.



Discovering the bright and radiant, uncovering it, sharing it, and living it.

This speaks to the ideas we develop, the innovation we generate, our creativity, our relationships, the way we connect with other businesses and the services we offer.

This is about finding the best-of-the-best in ourselves, and in our partnerships with experts and businesses, and helping our clients to do the same.

Choosing to uncover and deliver the brightest and most radiant ideas and services for our clients.



This is about being brave and giving yourself permission to grow and evolve.

It is about connecting with others, growing in teamwork, growing in relationships, growing in partnerships.

Being humble enough to grow, yet confident in ideas, capability, execution and delivery so that we grow as individuals, as a team, as a community, and as a business, and so that our clients can also grow.


If you’re inspired to dig in a little further, here is further reading on creating business values.