Your Focus?


Today’s thought.

What you focus on gets your attention and continues to grow.

The Vessel, Hudson Yards, New York City.

The Vessel, Hudson Yards, New York City.

What frames do you put around things? What do you want to see and experience?

Imagine you are walking around with a giant picture frame and you can choose what you put in that frame and hang on your wall to be surrounded by every single day. Be choosy. It’s your home. It’s your life.

A reminder that no-one can tell you what you should do or be. It’s up to you what you bring into your life, what attitude you choose to live with and how you see and experience the world. Are you taking responsibility for your own choices, or is it easier to blame circumstances or others for the situation you are in or not in?

We talk a lot these days about accountability and how “people” should be accountable for this, that, and the other. Have you asked yourself the same question? Are you willing to put in the effort to work at what you want in your life and carry out the self-reflection and practice regularly to uncover what is most important to you.

Instead of talking about what you don’t want,
begin talking about what you do want.

That’s harder, but it’s way more rewarding once you get into it and get good at it. It takes practice, but it’s worth it. Are you ready for the challenge?

If you don’t decide what you want in your frame, then someone else will decide for you, and you could end up with a collection of images on your wall that you just don’t want or like and become frustrated with the views. Don’t worry if you’re in that position right now and you don’t particularly like what you’re experiencing. It’s your wall, you can begin taking down the frames, and re-framing things that are important.

Begin today. What’s on your wall? Start the redecoration process. Choose again.