In pursuit of thoughtfulness.


Birch Cove magnifies the HUMAN factor in business.

Your one-stop-shop for reenergizing human connections and experiences across your organization eco-system to instill new levels of well-being and see true engagement and performance as a result.



everyone loves working with you because they know you care.


spark a connection and experience your cLients, teams, & investors engagIng, flourishing and thrivIng.


WHen you create moments and experiences of celebration, you generate flow.



“Don't wait for other people to be loving, giving, compassionate, grateful, forgiving, generous, or friendly...
lead the way!”

Steve Maraboli


Love from our clients


"You don't realize how your focus on the jobs at hand can take you away from your centre until someone like Sarah comes in and gives you the tools to reconnect with things you overlook in the rush. It only takes one degree of change sometimes to remind you how much stronger you can be through thoughtfulness.”

- PR

“Birch Cove's workshop fills a gap in the wellness and health support program we run every year for our team. Birch cove’s guidance in finding balance has helped us as individuals and as a team, which has flow on effects in the way we relate to our clients.”

- Content Marketing

“It’s growing [the plant] on our open plan desk and I told my colleague that I would leave it behind when I am finished so he doesn’t forget what we started.”

[A comment about a grow-your-own-plant given as a gift]

- Consultant


start incubating Thoughtfulness.

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