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We work with leaders committed to growth and a shared desire to see their organization thrive. Our work is centered on human-connection and the solutions are purpose-driven to achieve results.

Why the name Birch Cove?

Birch Cove represents Sarah’s love of birch trees since age 5, after spotting them from the train when traveling into London and continually pointing out that the ‘white trees’ were her favorite. The white of the bark stands out and is often considered as lighting a path through the forest for people to follow. In time Sarah also learned that the roots of birch trees are all connected and if one tree struggles to thrive all the other birch trees will send water and nutrients to help it recover and once again stand strong.

Another early memory for Sarah was spending time playing in Malham Cove in Yorkshire, England. She recalls how magnificent the natural formation was, how beautiful and powerful it seemed, and yet how secluded and cared for it felt too. Over the years Sarah has visited ‘coves’ all over the world and they all invoke the same feelings. Nature is well known for its restorative qualities in releasing stress, inspiring creativity, and helping us reconnect to who we are as individuals which then allows us to show up as the best versions of ourselves to connect with others. Combining these qualities of thought and care ‘Birch Cove’ was formed with a mission to infuse these characteristics onward to clients.

The ‘Why’ of Birch Cove

In our conversations with people and organizations across many industries we noticed a repetitive pattern - We are losing our ability to feel and be connected to ourselves and each other. Despite the advancement of technology to help keep us ‘connected’, reports are increasing in numbers of people feeling isolated, disconnected, lacking motivation and engagement in their personal lives and in business. Clients report they feel undervalued by the business providing them services, employees and partners feel unappreciated by the organizations they work with, and cultures are not what Founders, CEOs, and shareholders desire.

As our lives become ever more complex and busy this disconnection gap will increase. Our ability to naturally connect authentically and empathetically with each other will be a nostalgic pastime. Birch Cove is here to help businesses and organizations implement cultures of thoughtfulness in order to achieve greater revenues and create legacies of greatness.

Birch Cove is built on 40+ years of experience. A blend of international corporate experience, observational techniques, human heart-centered decision making, empathetic understanding, psychology, and a good dose of common sense. Mix these together with scientific facts and storytelling and we create programs that make a difference in an organization’s mission, drive, relationships and revenues.

The team behind Birch Cove believe in the genuine nature of people and a desire to be intrinsically thoughtful. We have seen it, we feel it, and we have a passion for it in our own lives We are committed to helping enterprises realize opportunities for true and real connection to generate enhanced engagement and business growth - inspired by people.


“Your connections to all the things around you literally define who you are.”

Aaron D. O'Connell


The Collective.

We believe in the power of coming together.

The Birch Cove Collective brings together experts & businesses that are the best-in-class at delivering thoughtfulness.

Birch Cove does not create everything in-house, we believe in the strength of community to create the best services possible. A Collective of color and vibrancy in capability, we source and build strategic partnerships that are with best-of-the-best in their field. We discover, establish and build these partnerships so that you can be confident knowing you receive the most thoughtful programs and services available.

We are all reflections of the company we keep, and this is no different in business. We uncover and discover the most forward thinking people and businesses that have a foundation of thoughtfulness. We provide our clients with access to trends, insights, ideas and deliver programs that positively impact individual and business culture and performance.



“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso


 Our Founder, Mission & Values


Sarah Parkins is the Founder and CEO of Birch Cove, which she envisioned as a ‘Thoughtfulness Incubator’ to deliver tangible and direct results for businesses and organizations. With the belief that deploying thoughtful practices into an organization positively impacts the culture with increased engagement, connection, profitability and business growth.

Sarah’s career spans 18 years of international experience in the United Kingdom and the United States, where she has worked in consulting, technology, and sales management on Wall Street, before co-founding a curated gifting start-up, Norsu Haus, in 2016. As Norsu Haus grew in strength and after curating over 10,000 gifts working with Fortune 100 companies to solopreneurs, Sarah spotted the need to expand the offering further and founded her second business, Birch Cove, to widen the delivery of thoughtfulness in new and differentiated modalities.


Our Mission

Incubate thoughtfulness to create brighter connections, growth opportunities, and help individuals and businesses flourish.

Our Values


Keep dreaming and envisioning, without the power of dreams reality can not happen. Everything that exists first began as a dream.


Discover the bright and radiant, uncover it, share it, live it.


Be brave, give yourself permission to grow and evolve.



“Nothing is impossible,
the word itself says I’m possible.”

Audrey Hepburn