Monday's Appreciation


A sense of appreciation.

Moving into a grateful mindset and feeling appreciation takes practice. There are many studies now released about the powerful effects thankfulness has on wellbeing for us individually, in our relationships and in our social connections. Many insights can be found in the book “Thanks” by Robert Emmons. It’s a helpful read to get your mind around what gratitude really means.

Today, we are celebrating and thankful for the idea and encouragement of letting go. It comes with a gentle release and sense of contentment that just feels lighter.

This week, let go.

Let go of where you think you should be, let go of the ideals you hold yourself to, let go of expectations, let go of hustling, pushing, driving, let go of worries, let go of holding on, just let go.

Release the invisible rope you are holding taut, release that weight that is holding you down. Experience this week - just one week - of being in the flow of right now. Open up to the idea of now, the idea of being present, the idea of going with your flow and let that rhythm carry you along. We’re not talking life here, we’re just merely musing over one week. One week of just letting go.

We give you permission - even if you can’t give yourself permission, just yet.